Milling & Reclamation

asphalt milling

What Is Milling?

A cost-efficient way of improving the look and performance of your worn or damaged asphalt is milling. Rather than excavating and removing the damaged asphalt and installing entirely new asphalt, milling replaces the top layer, which is typically a few inches thick. This method typically has a lower price tag and quick turnaround time, causing fewer traffic flow disruptions.

The Process


We clean the asphalt surface, remove any obstructions, and evaluate the existing pavement’s condition.


Using specialized milling equipment, we remove only the top layer of asphalt. We grind the existing asphalt layer and recycle the material for the new asphalt layer.

Surface Repair

We repair any damage or irregularities in the subgrade to strengthen the asphalt’s foundation.


We pour the new asphalt onto the subgrade and then compress it to achieve a smooth finish.

Finishing & Marking

We complete finishing touches, such as line striping and road markings, to the new asphalt layer so it’s ready to be safely used.

asphalt reclamation

What Is Reclamation?

Reclamation creates a new foundation for a fresh asphalt layer. By skipping excavation and removing the existing asphalt, this repair technique helps keep costs lower and saves valuable time.

The Process

Grind & Blend

We grind and blend the remaining material—along with any soil and aggregates—to create a more durable foundation.

Key Benefits

Top Causes of Pavement Deterioration

Pavement can deteriorate due to a number of factors such as:

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