Crack Filling


It’s natural for your pavement to sustain wear and tear over time. Factors like shifting dirt, harsh weather, and tree roots can cause cracks to form on the surface. As the cracks grow, so do the issues. It’s important not to put off repairing them.

Crack filling should be part of your annual maintenance routine to help make aging surfaces more durable and help them last longer. Save time and money in the long run and avoid a total replacement by keeping up with your annual maintenance.

The Process

Prepare the Surface

We’ll remove debris from the cracks with a wire brush, boom, and compressed air.

Apply the Material

We use crack-filling material in a caulk gun to fill cracks.

Finish & Cure

Using a putty knife or trowel, we even out the crack-filler to ensure it’s level with the surrounding pavement.

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