Hudson Valley Plaza

Project Overview

In 2022, Chamberlain was awarded the Hudson Valley Project in New York, thanks to a recommendation from a satisfied customer in Baltimore who had been serviced by Alan Yospe, Senior Project Manager. Despite being 6 hours away from Chamberlain’s office, Alan dedicated numerous hours to coordinating this project. The project commenced on a Sunday night and spanned nine nights, with the crew only taking Saturday off. The scope of work included 31,300 square yards of 2” mill/pave, 10 speed humps, and striping. Alan oversaw the project from start to finish, being present on site every night to ensure its successful completion.

The project’s success led to Chamberlain being awarded the opportunity in 2023 to bid on nine more shopping center projects in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Alan’s responsibilities included:

  • Coordinating with a local asphalt company to set up the night schedule, arrange materials, and manage trucking
  • Arranging water distribution for the equipment by calling the local Water Department daily to coordinate Chamberlain’s water truck pickup at a specific location
  • Organizing hotel rooms for the entire crew
  • Working with the Operations Department to coordinate the delivery of all equipment
  • Conducting individual pre-construction meetings with store managers from Walmart, Ashley Furniture, Ollie’s, and Petsmart to explain each day’s production
  • Providing daily progress updates to the customer’s Property Manager

In conclusion, Alan Yospe’s exceptional project management on the Hudson Valley Project not only ensured its success but also paved the way for Chamberlain to expand its presence in the region with additional projects in 2023.

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