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Chamberlain can give you the highest quality pavement repairs using green methods that no one else in the area is using.

Recycled asphalt is nothing new for the road industry. Especially in the wide open spaces of the West and Midwest, Road recycling has been the norm for at least 20 years. The long hauling distance for new materials makes recycling extremely cost-effective. Shrinking budgets have caused states to look at new ways to save money, and recycling in more urban areas is one great way to save money and save the planet.

Virginia included FSB as a state specified material in November 2012.  This means that all new construction products can use FSB as a substitute for base asphalt. Maryland is ready to introduce their FSB specification in 2013.

Chamberlain contractors Inc. has been using FSB 100% recycled asphalt for the past six years on our parking lot projects.  Toward knowledge, no one else in the country is using FSB in parking lots.

FSB is:

A material that has been proven around the world.

Eligible for LEED  points for green building construction.


For more information check out our FSB Recycled Asphalt page


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