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Pavement Network

A Nationwide Network of Contractors

Chamberlain is proud to be a charter member of the Pavement Network, a national organization of parking lot contractors, formed to better serve our customers and to strengthen each of our companies. This is how the pavement network accomplishes each of those tasks.

Better serve our customers.

For those customers who have properties in various cities through the US, finding a quality paving contractor in multiple cities can be time consuming and expensive (trial and error) task. All Pavement Network member companies agree to adhere by a set of quality standards that ensures our customers consistency quality across large geographical areas.

Strengthening each of our companies.

There is no monetary benefit except the opportunity to submit proposals for work to other members satisfied customers, through referrals. This opportunity for new work is an incentive for becoming a Pavement Network contractor. In addition however, we continually compare best practices to improve our own businesses, since many Pavement Network companies are essentially mirror images of each other. We also can save money directly through group purchasing power, mostly on equipment but sometimes on materials as well. Please visit the Pavement Network web site to see how this innovative consortium can be of benefit to you and your company.

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