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French Drains

A big problem for parking lots can be subsurface water problems that continually cause asphalt to fail in specific areas.  This underground water can come from a spring, a lot of clay in the sub-base, or even landscape islands that absorb water and allow water to filter under the pavement.

Decorative Paving

We offer a unique alternative to conventional paving by imprinting hot mix asphalt and treating the patterned surface to create the appearance of hand-laid decorative bricks.

Emergency Response

At Chamberlain we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of your "headache" problems quickly and efficiently. Our "CERT Team" is a small crew that can perform a variety of emergency repairs.


We also offer decorative plastic sleeves for bollards to give them a facelift and to protect them from the weather. Please contact us for further information on plastic sleeves.


With the American's with Disabilities Act in force, all commercial buildings are required to have handicap accessible parking spaces. These spaces are compliant only when the proper signage is installed. At Chamberlain we know the regulations and take care of keeping you up to date.

Grading & Excavation

Although we do not specialize in large scale site work, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to take care of grading and excavation functions for our parking lot customers.

Pavement Profile System

Chamberlain Contractors, in conjunction with the College of Engineering at the University of Maryland, has developed a unique, computerized parking lot pavement evaluation system. Utilizing this system, Chamberlain personnel systematically survey the pavement and obtain substrate test data on your parking lot.

Service Maintenance Agreements

Don't wait for pavement failures to get out of control and cost you a bundle. Get "Peace Of Mind" by having the "Chamberlain Professionals" monitor your pavement and keep it in great shape.


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