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Asphalt Paving

At Chamberlain Contractors, we are a local Asphalt Paving Company specializing in paving commercial parking lots. Not highways, but parking lots. This means that our entire fleet of asphalt paving equipment and mind set of our team members are focused on paving asphalt parking lots.

Asphalt Patching

Whether it's large scale patchwork or one small patch, Chamberlain has the equipment and manpower to perform the job effectively. Our milling machines mean large production capability on large patch jobs.

Partial Depth Mill Patching

Chamberlain pioneered this type of asphalt repair for parking lots in the 1990's. When applied properly, it saves you money by only having the damaged portion of the asphalt (top layer) removed and replaced.

Paving Fabric

Chamberlain was one of the first contractors in the area to use paving fabrics in 1980. We continue to lead the way in this technology and stay on the cutting edge of changes in materials and processes available for your project.


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Chamberlain has been in the milling business since 1985, long before other contractors came around. We use milling machines on most large projects and continually find ways to use milling technology to save time and money for our customers. Click here to have a quallified Asphalt Paving Company provide Milling for your project.

Seal Coating

We thoroughly clean the pavement with power brooms & blowers. We remove vegetation, fill cracks & prime oil spots. Then we apply 2 coats of high grade coal tar sealer that is resistant to gas & oil and weather damage. Click here to have a quallified Asphalt Paving Company provide Seal Coating for your project.

Crack Sealing

A crack in your parking lot's asphalt can look unsightly and is the start of the deterioration process. Cracks allow water to penetrate into the sub grade and destroy the pavement from the bottom up. After a bad winter, small cracks can develop into dreaded alligator cracking or worse, potholes. Click here to have a quallified Asphalt Paving Company provide Crack Sealing for your project.

Parking Lot Striping

Give your property a face lift by repainting the lines, curbs, and traffic markings on the pavement. Our experienced painters can help make all parking lots and roadways look great with a fresh coat of paint. Click here to have a quallified Asphalt Paving Company provide Parking Lot Striping for your project.


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We’re an asphalt paving company serving Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and VA. Contact Chamberlin Contractors at 866-670-1234 your most trusted Asphalt Comapny.

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