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Why chamberlain contractors

Just about anyone can pave parking lots. Listed below is what sets Chamberlain apart from the competition.

Most importantly, our paving professionals specialize in parking lots. using asphalt restoration and related asphalt paving techniques.  Paving companies that specialize in highway work (on the large end) and are not as keenly aware of the issues and problems related to the asphalt or concrete repairs and maintenance needed by for parking lots. At Chamberlain Contractors, 98% of our business is paving and repairing parking lots; commercial, multi-family, and specialty parking lots such as hospitals, schools and churches.

Why should you use Chamberlain Contractors as your parking lot service resource?

We have a full set of backup paving equipment (pavers, rollers, backhoes, dump trucks, etc.) so if we have an equipment breakdown, we can continue to work on your parking lot and remain on schedule.

Our asphalt paving and concrete construction crews know how to go about the daily work process to minimize inconvenience to your residents or tenants.

We continually utilize new processes and materials that make asphalt pavement last longer and also contain a better cost value than older paving methods.

Our key personnel have been with Chamberlain for an average of 15 years.  Chances are our team is familiar with your property.


Chamberlain Contractors Inc. specializes in multi-family and commercial parking lots, concrete repairs, asphalt paving, sidewalks, and much more! Based out of Prince George's County (PG County) we serve:

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