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Paving Fabric Membranes

Chamberlain was one of the first contractors in the area to use paving fabrics in 1980. We continue to lead the way in this technology and stay on the cutting edge of changes in materials and processes available for your project. We recommend paving fabric for about half of our customers' repaving projects because it saves them money

Once the existing asphalt has been milled, patched and cleaned, the fabric membrane is installed. We apply a coat of liquid asphalt cement and then apply the fabric directly to the pavement. The new layer of asphalt is then placed on top of the paving fabric.

This incredibly strong membrane stays bonded between the new and old layers of asphalt. It keeps cracks from migrating up to the surface of your new pavement and will add many years to the life of your parking lot.

When the existing asphalt is thoroughly failed into a pothole or high severity alligator crack pattern, then there is little alternative but to dig out and patch these areas prior to installing an asphalt overlay (see asphalt patching services). It is very important however to treat the low/medium severity alligator cracking and the single line cracks prior to installing the new asphalt overlay. Asphalt is a flexible pavement and these cracks, untreated, travel up through the new asphalt overlay in a year or two and compromise the integrity of your new parking lot. This is called reflective cracking. The paving fabric was designed to treat cracks and low to medium severity alligator cracks in an economical but very effective way.

This membrane creates a safety net that spreads out the load that is placed on the pavement and helps it work as a single unit to retard this "reflective cracking". The result is a new overlay that lasts much longer than one performed without fabric membrane and a job that is considerably less costly. The cost of the fabric membrane per square yard is approximately 8% that of full depth asphalt patching. It's cost effective and it works!

This is a high tech solution to a costly problem but Chamberlain has been on the cutting edge of this technology since 1980. We have a long list of customers who are very satisfied with the price and the quality of this method of paving. Contact us now for more information.


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