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Paving Contractor Comparison Questionnaire

All Asphalt and Concrete Contractors are not created equally.


Below is information we think you will find useful in comparing pavement contractors. Please printout our web page below with all of our information completed. Download and printout the blank forms we've provided below and have your bidders fill out completely before accepting their proposal. This is just another way Chamberlain Contractors, Inc. is helping you make an educated choice about your asphalt paving and concrete construction.

Download the blank "Bidders Comparison" Questionnaire here. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document. We have provided a link to Adobe if you need the program.

Contractors Comparison Questionnaire.pdf (20.9kb)

Section 1

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc.
162 Lafayette Avenue 
Laurel, Maryland 20707 
Phone: 301-725-4330 Fax: 301-725-8869

Section 2

  1. Do you get a complete customer guarantee in writing? _X_ Yes ___No
  2. Years in business: September 1976
  3. Insurance coverage:
    • General Liability
    • Automobile Liability
    • Excess Liability
    • Worker's Compensation
    • $2,000,000.
    • $1,000,000.
    • $5,000,000.
    • Yes
  4. Certificate of insurance mailed upon request

  5. Does your paving contractor provide a detailed written proposal? _X_ Yes ___ No
  6. Does your estimator handle all aspects of the job, such as bidding, scheduling, job execution, billing, collections and customer satisfaction? _X_ Yes ___ No
  7. Have you had subcontractors used on your job? _ _ Yes _X_ No (At CCI, we do all work in-house unless otherwise stated or requested.)
  8. Does your contractor have a written safety/drug testing program? _X_ Yes ___ No
  9. Payment Terms: (NET 15 days) At CCI, we offer extended payment terms (ask your estimator for more details).Do other contractors ask for money up front? We expect payment upon satisfactory completion.
  10. Dun & Bradstreet Information: Financial strength - "3A-1" Strong
  11. Bank references:
  12. Blue Ridge Bank
    The Exchange, Suite 316
    1122 Kenilworth Drive
    Towson, MD 21204

  13. Number of employees: 75-80 
  14. Number of crews executing jobs: 8 (with the average experience 20 years)
  15. Number of pieces of equipment: 150 pieces
  16. Services Offered:
    • Asphalt Paving
    • Asphalt Patching
    • Concrete Repair
    • Concrete Installations
    • Paving Fabric Membranes
    • Milling
    • Crack Sealing
    • Seal Coating
    • Striping
    • Grading & Excavation
    • Sweeping
    • French Drains
    • Pavement Profile System
    • Decorative Patterned Asphalt
    • Speed Humps and Bumps
    • "CERT" Chamberlain Emergency Response Team
  17. Geographic areas covered: Maryland, District of Columbia, Northern Virginia (within a 60 mile radius of Laurel, MD)
  18. Is the company a _X_ Corporation ___ Partnership ___ Proprietorship
  19. Corporate Officers:  Harold C. Green (CEO); Daniel J. Shaw (President)
  20. State of Incorporation: Maryland

Customer References Available Upon Request

"To see how other contractors stack up against Chamberlain Contractors, click on the Contractors Comparison Questionnaire.pdf file to get a blank contractors questionnaire form. Ask your contractor these questions and see how they meet the Chamberlain Challenge."

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