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Milling / Drainage


We have been in the milling business since 1985, long before other contractors came around.

On any job, except the very smallest jobs, we remove the asphalt with 1 of our 4 milling machines. Milling is much faster than digging and leaves a clean, compacted sub grade with sharp vertical edges.  Chamberlains' high production allows our customers to get back to business as quickly as possible after their new parking lot repairs are perfected. 

We can use this milling technology to perform partial depth asphalt patches, where we replace only the top 2" or so of the pavement, or full depth patches where we replace the entire thickness of asphalt and possibly the stone base as well.


Milling machines can also be used to cut drainage swales in existing pavement to correct drainage problems.  Give us a call and find out how our milling machines can save you time and money on your next paving project.


Chamberlain Contractors Inc. specializes in multi-family and commercial parking lots, concrete repairs, asphalt paving, sidewalks, and much more! Based out of Prince George's County (PG County) we serve:


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We’re an asphalt paving company serving Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and VA. Contact Chamberlin Contractors at 866-670-1234 your most trusted Asphalt Comapny.


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