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Emergency Response (CERT)

At Chamberlain we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of your "headache" problems quickly and efficiently. Our "CERT Team" is a small crew that can perform a variety of emergency repairs.

First, give us a call and we'll visit your site and give you a price within 24 hours. Then within 48 hours, our CERT team can be dispatched to your site to fix those potholes, install those speed bumps, remove and replace that raised sidewalk block, fill those cracks, install that handicap sign, or perform just about any other parking lot repair that can get you out of your jam.

Chamberlain Contractors Inc. specializes in multi-family and commercial parking lots, concrete repairs, asphalt paving, concrete paving, sidewalks, and much more! Based out of Prince George's County (PG County) we serve:


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