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Decorative Paving

Decorative Paving As Beautiful As Brick!

We offer a unique alternative to conventional paving by imprinting hot mix asphalt and treating the patterned surface to create the appearance of hand-laid decorative bricks.

Decorative Asphalt has 3 major advantages over bricks:

Once the resurfacing of the pavement has occurred and the asphalt has reached its final density, we layout and imprint the pattern onto the surface of the hot mix asphalt per manufacturer's specifications. When the asphalt cools, but no later than ten days, CCI will then install the selected colored coating materials.

Chamberlain Contractors Inc. specializes in multi-family and commercial parking lots, concrete repairs, asphalt paving, sidewalks, and much more! Based out of Prince George's County (PG County) we serve:

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